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Tim ~ Timothy H. O'Sullivan

Based on the life of Timothy H. O'Sullivan, Tim is a ten-year-old apprentice at Mathew Brady's Studio...

Mathew B. Brady

Tim is sent to work at Brady's Daguerreotype Gallery on Broadway...

Jenny Lind

The Swedish Nightengale is the most sought-after celebrity by all the Broadway photographers...

P.T. Barnum

Barnum, the manager of Jenny Lind, will not grant Brady access to the Sweet Warbler...

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The Players — Tim

Timothy H. O'SullivanTimothy H. O'Sullivan

Tim is a ten-year-old boy from sleepy Staten Island who is told he must apprentice at Mathew Brady’s studio on Broadway in 1850. As Tim takes the ferry over to York, he takes us back to New York’s forgotten past and the history of photography.

Mathew B. BradyMathew B. Brady

Brady of Broadway - the famed owner of the Daguerreotype Gallery located on the corner of Fulton Street, across from Barnum's American Museum. Brady is one of the pioneers in photography who studied the daguerreotype process under Samuel F.S.B. Morse.

P.T. Barnum with Tom ThumbP.T. Barnum with Tom Thumb

Phineas Taylor Barnum is the manager of Jenny Lind and the owner of the American Museum located on Broadway on the corner of Ann Street.

Jenny LindJenny Lind

The story begins on September 11, 1850, with Jenny Lind’s premiere concert at Castle Garden near Battery Park — a night that would be remembered for years to come, as the night when the Sweet Warbler first sang in New York.

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